Offer a unique experience centered on an intense contact with Nature and local culture, providing visitors access to primary forests, thermal waters and wetlands with high bird and other fauna activity, and expeditions to archeological sites and historic plantations.



To be recognized by our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, and by the positive impact of our activities in the environmental sustainability and development of communities in the areas we visit.



We aim to provide our clients with a sense of adventure brought about by an intense contact with Nature. We strive to promote conservation and sustainability in the zones where we have our actvivities, as well as have a positive impact in the development of communities in the areas we visit.

We aim to be recognized by the excellence of our services while exceeding our customers´ expectations.  We believe in developing mutually beneficial relations with like-minded touroperators so we can benefit our employees and our service providers.   





We promote and establish Innovation and creativity, dedication to customer service, social inclusion and development, and enviromental sustainability.